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What is this?

The Random Website Machine is very simple. It lets you surf the web, by sending you a completely random web site. Over four million sites. Just click the Random Website button below and start killing time... I mean start having fun!

No Adult Websites - We try to filter out all adult websites. Our filter may not be perfect, but for the most part, the Random Website Machine should be safe for young eyes. Note: There is no other content filtering. You may find websites whose content and opinions offend you.

Great for:

  • Bored People: Self explanitory!
  • Web Designers: Looking for some inspiration? Or just some fresh ideas? Start here!
  • Network Technicians: Need to test DNS servers? Make sure you aren't getting cached data, by loading totally fresh, random websites.

Random Website Machine

Websites in our Database: 3,924,185
Random Websites Served: 11,406,236


The Random Website Machine used to be it's own site, www.randomwebsite.net I've now made it part of WhatsMyIP.org, and the old domain name is for sale. Contact me with an offer if you'd like to purchase it.