Text to Code Ratio

Text to Code Ratio Tool

Our Text-to-Code tool gives you two different values. The first percentage calculated with all of the page's white-space left intact. The second percentage is calculated by first stripping away the leading and trailing white-space from each line, and remove all blank lines.
Including White Space Excluding White Space
Code: - bytes
Text: - bytes
-% Code: - bytes
Text: - bytes

What is Text to Code Ratio?

Text to Code ratio is the percentage of a web page that is actual, text content. It is believed that search engines 'like' sites that have a high text to code ratio, which would help your SEO. There is no official definition of what a text-to-code ratio is. This tool works by doing it's best to remove all html tags, javascript and all other non-content data from your html. Then it takes the size of what's left, and divides that by the size of the whole page.