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June 2017 Update

This tool is now obsolete, and has been moved into the Library for posterity. Very few FiOS WEP routers are left in service. But if you find one, remember...


Please don't use this tool for evil, only use it for good!

The older Actiontec routers that Verizon used to give to Fios users came pre-locked down using WEP encryption. On the surface, this seemed like a security improvement, since for a long time, wireless routers shipped with completely open wireless networks. However it wasn't as secure as it seemed. While the network name (SSID) and key seemed random, the values were both calculated from the MAC address of the router. Meaning that you could do some fancy math and calculate the network's key (it's password) from it's name (SSID).

This tool does that math. It only works on older routers, not newer ones using WPA. It only works on calculating default passwords from default network names. If the name or password have been customized, then this tool does nothing.