User Agent Info

User Agents

Many of the tools on work by making HTTP requests to 3rd party web servers. Each tool that makes an HTTP request has it's own unique and hopefully meaningful user agent string. This page contains a list of all of the user agents this site uses. If you see our user agents in your web access logs, that means some of our tools have been used on your website.

IP Location Tool

Mozilla/5.0 ( GeoIP_Lookups)

HTTP Compression Tool

Mozilla/5.0 ( HTTP_Compression_Test)

HTTP Response Headers

Mozilla/5.0 ( HTTP_Headers)

Website Ranking & Pagerank Lookups

Mozilla/5.0 ( PageRank_WebStats_Tool)

Text to Code Ratio

Mozilla/5.0 ( Text_to_Code_Ratio_Tool)

MAC Address Lookup Tool

Mozilla/5.0 ( MAC_Address_Lookup_Tool)

URL Shortener Preview Tool

Mozilla/5.0 ( URL_Shortener_Preview_Tool)

Random Website Loading Script

Mozilla/5.0 ( Random_Website_Loader)