Mazda RX-8 AUX iPod Installation

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RX-8 iPod Install

July, 2004

Red RX-8This how-to will show you how to install an iPod into an RX-8 using the "CD Player Hack". This involves removing the radio, and soldering an audio cable into it. Then you put it all back together, and pop in a CD containing 80 minutes of pure silence. The radio will only pick up your new AUX-Input when a CD is playing.

You can actually use this to get audio from any device, though iPods certainly are the best. This Hack may work on other Mazda radios too.

  • This tutorial shows you how to do it exactly (more or less) the way I did it. But this is a hack so feel free to make any substitutions and modifications you see fit.
  • The official Mazda instructions for removing your radio tell you to disconnect the battery before you begin. I didn't. No harm done, but be warned, they say you should.

Basic Idea...

  1. Remove Radio
  2. Dissect Radio
  3. Solder Cable to Circuit Board
  4. Reassemble Radio
  5. Reinstall Radio
  6. Plug in iPod and rock on

Tools Needed...

  1. Medium flat head screw driver (preferably covered in electrical tape)
  2. Medium phillips head
  3. Socket Wrench (with extensions)
  4. Soldering Iron
  5. Hot Glue Gun
  6. Razor Blade
  7. Dremel (Optional)
  8. Small Flashlight Really Helps
Caution: Oh by the way, this is a dangerous type hack. You could burn your hair off with your soldering iron if your not careful. You could also easily damage your beautiful trim pieces. And you could very easily kill your radio if you are not careful. I also have no idea what will happen if you try to get something radio-related covered under warranty, though I'd imagine if they find the huge globes of glue, they won't like it. Do this hack at your own risk, and you sure as hell better not blame me if you f%#k it up!
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